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What Are Some Of The Most Cringeworthy Movie Mistakes?

Why was there a gas canister in Gladiator?

Everyone loves a good movie, right?

Dimension Films / Via

Of course you do.

That aside, as much as we love movies, some of them are far from perfect.


For example, Gladiator is one of the most popular movies ever, and the winner of several prestigious awards...

Scott Free Productions

...but did you ever notice that there was a huge continuity error in the movie?

Scott Free Productions

If you look closely, you can see a gas canister on the back of the chariot. Those definitely weren't around in Ancient Rome.

And then there are other favorites, like Braveheart. Ever notice that there was a guy who walked on camera wearing a baseball cap?

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Odd, mainly because baseball caps definitely weren't around during the 13th century.

And lastly, we have Django Unchained. Why is the main character wearing sun glasses when they definitely weren't around during the antebellum period?

The Weinstein Company

So let us know in the comments below — What other film continuity errors have you noticed?

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