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Tyra Banks, The Most Relatable Celeb, Loves "Hamilton" And Takes Lyft

Queen of Vocals.

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This is Tyra Banks, and if you hadn’t already realized it, she’s a jack-of-all-trades.

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For those unfamiliar with Banks’ absolutely stellar resume, here’s what you need to know: She’s the Queen of the Catwalk.

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She created and produced the long-running hit show, America's Next Top Model.

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And now, she's making waves again with Tyra Beauty — her up-and-coming cosmetics line.

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But she also is super relatable, because A) She takes Lyft and B) Loves Hamilton.

@tyrabanks thanks for an awesome @lyft trip!

Celebs! They're just like us.

According to a tweet sent out by Banks, her driver was already playing show tunes, which prompted her to request songs from the hottest ticket on Broadway right now.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @tyrabanks

Both Banks and her driver, Jesse, were really into their performance, belting out some beautiful notes.

Like, how soon can we get these two a variety show? Maybe a stint on Carpool Karaoke? Give the people what they need, please.

Let it be known, this isn't Banks' first time showing her appreciation for music. In 2004, she released "Shake Ya Body," the first single from her short-lived recording artist career.

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And we'd be remiss if there were no mention of the greatness that is "Be A Star," the iconic song from her equally iconic film, Life-Size.

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All hail Tyra Banks, master of all things.

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