People Are Thirsting Hard For This Hot Guy Who Is Running For Congress

    "He's got my vote."

    This is Ammar Campa-Najjar, a 28-year-old small business owner who runs a company called ACN strategies, which focuses on public affairs and strategic communications. He's also running for Congress.

    On Tuesday, Campa-Najjar announced on Facebook his run for Congress in California's 50th Congressional District, which includes five other Democrats already in the race. Duncan D. Hunter, a Republican, currently represents the district that includes most of San Diego. He was elected in 2009, succeeding his father, Duncan L. Hunter.

    Facebook: CampaNajjar

    "My journey really began in 2012 when I was a field director during the Obama campaign," Campa-Najjar told BuzzFeed News. He praised the people he worked with during that time who "volunteered their labor and love" in the spirit of "the advocacy of a common cause, which was re-electing the president."

    As far as why he chose to run for Congress, Campa-Najjar told BuzzFeed News that his main goal was to unite people, especially in today's political climate.

    Campa-Najjar is well on his way to becoming a public figure, and this was evident when he started going viral earlier today.

    NBC News ran an article on the candidate, which focused on his announcement to run for office and his background.

    Ammar Campa-Najjar, 28, a young Latino Arab American, is running for Congress.

    Instead of focusing on the contents of the article, Twitter honed in on Campa-Najjar's face, expressing their thirst.

    Internet stars chimed in.

    People were raring to go to the polls.

    Some used bordering-on-explict GIFs to get their thoughts about Campa-Najjar across.

    The tweets didn't stop, and people were really into it.

    One user likened Campa-Najjar to a Jonas brother look-a-like.

    @NBCLatino @nomadandn Anyone else thought this was a Jonas brother, cousin or something Jonas in general?

    "I mean, it’s flattering," Campa-Najjar told BuzzFeed News about the reaction people have had towards him. "I hope people focus on my ideas and not my looks."

    Though online reaction was strong in a superficial way, Campa-Najjar is going to stay focused on his campaign.

    "My party lost the election because we were focused too much on the newsroom and not people’s living room and dining rooms and that’s where I intend to spend most of my time," he said.

    He added he intends to spend the coming months "talking to people about what’s hurting them, what’s affecting them."