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18 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning In North Carolina

"I'm gone to Carolina in my mind."

1. Youngin'

2. Snow

3. Blue

4. Yonder

5. Bless Your Heart

6. BBQ

7. Fall

8. Sweet Tea


10. Raleigh

11. Hey Y'all

12. Late

13. 23

14. Fixin'

15. Downtown

16. Dook

17. "Raise Up"

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PeteyPabloVEVO / Via

What it means everywhere else: A cool song by Petey Pablo.

What it means in North Carolina: The anthem for our state. "Take ya shirt off, twist it 'round ya head! Spin it like a helicopter."

18. 336, 919, 252, etc.

This post has been updated with a picture of the Charlotte Motor Speedway. An earlier version of this post listed Bristol Motor Speedway.