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You Probably Missed This One Detail In The Fifth "Harry Potter" Book

J.K. Rowling is the master of cleverly hiding clues.

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Most people remember Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix as the book that introduced us to Dolores Umbridge, Thestrals, and a really angsty Harry Potter.

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Look at the trio storming through the Great Hall like they own the place. ⚡️❤️

For those who don't know, a Horcrux is created when you place a part of your soul into an object after you've killed someone.

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Remember how Voldemort split his soul into seven different pieces and placed each part into something different?

Now let's go back to book five. There's a passage that reads:

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"They found an unpleasant looking silver instrument, something like a many-legged pair of tweezers, which scuttles up Harry's arm like a spider when he picked it up, and attempted to puncture his skin. Sirius seized it and smashed it with a heavy book entitled Nature's Nobility: A Wizarding Genealogy. There was a musical box that emitted a faintly sinister, tinkling tune when wound, and they all found themselves becoming curiously weak and sleepy, until Ginny had the sense to slam the lid shut; a heavy locket that none of them could open; a number of ancient seals ..."


Did anything surprising stick out in that passage?

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OK, how about about the fact that it's highly plausible that the locket described in that passage is the original locket that Harry and Dumbledore found book six, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, while going through a cave.

Now, they didn't know they were looking for a locket specifically. Dumbledore was just searching for something that was very precious to Lord Voldemort.

Also keep in mind that the locket that Harry and Dumbledore found had a letter enclosed.


It said: "To the Dark Lord: I know I will be dead long before you read this, but I want you to know that it was I who discovered your secret. I have stolen the real Horcrux and intend to destroy it as soon as I can. I face death in the hope that when you meet your match, you will be mortal once more." —R.A.B.

Basically, the original locket/Horcrux was just sitting (in plain sight!) somewhere in Grimmauld Place because R.A.B., aka Regulus Arcturus Black, had taken it upon himself to try and expose the secret that ultimately led to Voldemort's demise.

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And props to J.K. Rowling for cleverly acknowledging the existence of the locket without fans even knowing.