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The Game Posted A Lovely Photo Of His Junk On Instagram For V-Day

Love's not dead, it's in The Game's trousers.

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This is The Game. By day, he's a rapper. By night, he's what some would call a thirst-trapper.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Last year, he began posting really provocative selfies from his bathroom.

Nice countertop. πŸ‘€

Nice countertop. πŸ‘€

And to enhance his ultra thirsty pics, The Game usually reels the the ~thirstee~ in with a thrilling caption, usually laden with hashtags.

#TimeToBreakTheInterNetAgain, #WhatIsHeDoingForYou?

Really poetic stuff.

Well now, he's uploaded this Valentine's Day thirst trap. His level of detail is impeccable. I mean, look at the red glow of his underwear.

Instagram / Via

And, as expected, the Valentine's Day photo caption is absolute gold.



New V-Day requirement: No breakfast in bed, no cutesy cards, just hand your S.O. a selfie of The Game in his undies.

WeHeartIt / Via

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