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    25 Faces Every Older Sibling Has Definitely Made Before

    Life as the eldest sibling wouldn't be as fun if you didn't give your younger siblings a hard time every once in a while.

    1. The "I've had that teacher before, and they're gonna compare you to me" face:

    2. The "You really think mom and dad are gonna let you borrow the family car for the weekend" face:

    3. The "You better be glad our parents are around, because I would definitely give you a wedgie right now" face:

    4. The "Please go and ask mom about this for me since you're younger and can get away with anything" face:

    5. The "I want to play this video game alone, so I'll hand you the extra controller even though it's not plugged in" face:

    6. The "Why is dad blaming me for something you did?" face:

    7. The "I'm so bored, and I have to stay in the car with you while mom does grocery shopping" face:

    8. The "You actually just hurt my feelings, but since I'm the oldest I gotta suck it up and not show weakness" face:

    9. The "Oh, you're definitely gonna get in trouble when mom and dad see that report card" face:

    10. The "I'm going to hide behind this door and scare the crap out of you when you walk by" face:

    11. The "I know I give you ridiculous nicknames, but no one else is allowed to call you those names" face:

    12. The "OMG, I need my own room, because I just cleaned it and now you've cluttered it again" face:

    13. The "I'm babysitting you so please be quiet while I try to sound cool while talking to my crush on the phone" face:

    14. The "Gosh, I know we share a room, but did you have to wake me this early on a Saturday with your irritating music?!" face:

    15. The "Hahahaha, mom and dad just chewed you out and I'm enjoying every second" face:

    16. The "Please stop asking me about long division" face:

    17. The "I'm doing dishes and how dare you put a dirty plate in the sink when I'm almost finished" face:

    18. The "Yes, I'm bored and I feel like pranking you, so I'm going to tell you that you were adopted" face:

    19. The "You really think I care if you tattletale on me?" face:

    20. The "Why yes, I was snooping in your room for things to blackmail you with later" face:

    21. The "I'm trying to study, no I can't help you tie your shoes" face:

    22. The "Let's have more moments when we aren't letting sibling rivalry get the better of us" face"

    23. The "Yes, we're going to pretend to be Destiny's Child, and I'm forcing you to be Michelle" face:

    24. The "Please stop, just because you're getting older now that doesn't mean you can beat me in a wrestling match" face:

    25. And finally, the "I love you so much, even though I give you a hard time" face: