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The Teaser Trailer For "The Birth Of A Nation" Looks Really Good

Looks like this is the film everyone will be talking about this year.

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The teaser trailer for The Birth of A Nation, starring Nate Parker, made its way online today.

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The visual opens with the sound of Nina Simone's voice singing her cover of the extremely poignant and melancholic song, "Strange Fruit."

Fox Searchlight / Via

Nate Parker plays the role of Nat Turner, a man born into slavery who famously lead an uprising during the antebellum period.

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There are glimpses of Aja Naomi King, who will be playing the role of a character named Cherry.

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The two-minute trailer sports a mix of powerful imagery...

Fox Searchlight / Via
Fox Searchlight / Via well as gut-wrenching shots, which is to be expected from this time in American history.

Fox Searchlight / Via
Fox Searchlight / Via

And although it's only a very short clip, you can feel the strength of Nate Parker's superior acting.

The film, which has been met with really positive reactions, opens October 2016.

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