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The 9 Circles Of Hell On Social Media

Welcome to Dante's Inferno for the 21st Century.

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5. Circle Five: Trolls

I like to imagine that most folks who troll the Internet are children, but I've seen adults who do nothing but troll all day. Essentially, they just post inflammatory remarks to get a rise out of people They usually succeed, too.

6. Circle Six: Internet Stans


People who claim to be stans are the most deplorable folks on the Internet.You've probably heard of some of them before. There's the BeyHive (Beyoncé), the Little Monsters (Lady GaGa), the Beliebers (Justin Bieber), the Directioners (One Direction) just to name a few. They typically have an account, with the face of their favorite celeb as the avatar. They spend countless hours praising said celeb and bashing other celebs that they feel may be a potential threat to their favorite.

7. Circle Seven: The Socially Conscious


Here you'll find people who are always angry, and they love to discuss the possibility of usurping the government. They also enjoy telling you that being a social media activist is a lazy way to bring about change, when all the while they're lecturing the masses from their MacBook Pro.