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29 Enchanting Images Guaranteed To Make Your Day Better

Perfect pictures don't exi — wait, yes they do.

1. These noodles being made with incredible ease.

2. This mesmerizing head of cabbage.

3. This glob of taffy being stretched to-and-fro.

4. I mean, just look at these perfectly stacked Oreos.

5. "Ahhhh" — the sound you just made after watching this immaculate GIF.

6. These folders sorted by color.

7. This splendid dome of rice.

8. The way this milk is being poured into the coffee is almost enchanting.

9. These hypnotizing balls.

10. This couch lining perfectly with the door.

11. These juices that haven't been touched by a single customer yet.

12. This tall glass of milk, filled to its brim with not a drop left over.

13. Oh man, that ripple between the two stamps? Beautiful.

14. Has there ever been a more perfect chip aisle in the history of chip aisles?

15. Let's take a moment to admire the smooth-as-hell surface of this untouched cream cheese. *explodes*

16. This sliced lemon and this glass of water are an excellent union.

17. These absolutely sublime ice cubes.

18. Aren't the apples stacked so perfectly you wouldn't dare touch them?

19. And this, oh man, this is just a series of orgasmic-inducing images.

20. A conveyor belt of bacon. It's almost like the bacon is never-ending. Nom.

21. Two things: The avocado is sliced perfectly and the pit has been seamlessly taken out. Win.

22. This piece of glass and the sole of this shoe look good on one another.

23. This gorgeous unbroken shaft of pencil shavings.

24. Delicatessen meat that looks like a beautiful wheel spiral.

25. Isn't it beautiful how these two logos kind of complement one another?

26. Don't get dizzy looking at this incredible spiral of Snus.

27. Look at this unbitten bun. LOOK. AT. IT.

28. This rock that's probably as smooth as ivory.

29. Could the tile in this bathroom be anymore perfect? Could it?!