A Man Went Snowboarding Through Times Square During The Blizzard

This is next level.

1. While most NYC residents were inside, taking refuge from the city’s first major blizzard of 2016, Casey Neistat, a 34-year-old YouTuber decided to go snowboarding through the streets of the Big Apple.

Neistat is a popular YouTuber and his account boasts nearly 2 million subscribers. You may remember Neistat from last year when he filmed his friend and collaboration partner, Jesse Wellens, as Aladdin traveling on a “magic carpet.”

2. Neistat told BuzzFeed that he views New York City as a “character” in the video that he makes.

Casey Neistat / Via youtube.com

“When it came to taking advantage of a storm this rare, riding around on a snowboard seemed like a clear choice,” he said.

3. He says that he had no reservations while snowboarding on the icy terrain. However, there were a few difficulties encountered while filming.

Casey Neistat / Via youtube.com

They didn’t have rope to use while traveling through the city so they resorted to using a 30-foot HDMI cable. The other skier in the video, Oscar, used two extension cords that were tied together.

4. And as far as getting around the traveling ban issued by Mayor Bill de Blasio, Neistat says they avoided it by driving “really carefully.”

5. At the end of the video, Neistat and his crew are pulled over by a police officer. He told BuzzFeed that the officers “were great” and didn’t make a big deal their stunt.

Casey Neistat / Via youtube.com

6. Now that’s one way to take advantage of a snow day.

Casey Neistat / Via youtube.com


Neistat used a 30-foot HDMI cable. A previous version of this story misstated the length.

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