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People Are Laughing Because "Good Morning America" Called Kermit The Frog "Tea Lizard"

::sips tea::

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On Tuesday morning, Good Morning America tweeted a call to action, asking followers to send them photos of great memes.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @GMA

But if you read the tweet closely, you'll see that they actually refer to Kermit the Frog, one of the world's most well-known amphibians, as "Tea Lizard."


Not only was the taxonomy of Kermit wrong, but most people know the meme as "But That's None Of My Business." So, naturally, the internet had plenty of thoughts about the peculiar phrasing of "Tea Lizard."

People were quick to respond to GMA...

Twitter / Via Twitter: @chulapalvin

...while others joked about about Kermit and Miss Piggy.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @markgongloff

Some took things in the most literal way, tweeting photos of lizards having tea.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @ManuclearBomb
Twitter / Via Twitter: @tehdago

Even one notable reptile was thrown into the mix.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @WardrobeDoor

Most of the jokes were very lighthearted, with some renaming popular memes, like Damn Daniel, as a way of poking fun at GMA...

Twitter / Via Twitter: @vinabean

...yep, just another day on the internet.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @chrisgera

Poor Kermit.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @bimadew

His name has been besmirched.

Forever to be known as Tea Lizard from now on.

Kermit bout to send GMA a LENGTHY email about putting RESPECK on his name #TeaLizard

In the midst of the joke telling, Jeff Lowe, the social media editor for GMA, tweeted that interns don't run the social account.

He also insisted that #TeaLizard is a thing.
Twitter / Via Twitter: @JeffDLowe

He also insisted that #TeaLizard is a thing.

Wonder what Kermit has to say about all of this. 🐸☕️

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