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    Peter Dinklage And Leslie Jones Pretending To Be On "Naked And Afraid" Is Everything

    Seriously, put these two on a show together.

    Peter Dinklage, star of Game of Thrones, hosted Saturday Night Live this past weekend, and one of his funniest skits was a parody of the survival show Naked and Afraid.

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    The premise of the show, you ask? Folks have to see how they'd manage living in a forest for 21 days with very few resources.

    Dinklage arrived at his destination and was a little concerned about when the whole nudity thing would come into play.

    Next, his partner, Leslie Jones, showed up ready to go. She was completely naked and *very* enthusiastic about it.

    And things were off to a very awkward start, at least for Peter.

    The two were allowed to bring one survival item. Dinklage brought a firestarter kit and Jones decided to bring hot sauce, because even in the wild your food must be properly seasoned.

    Dinklage was not impressed.

    After that, things get a little heated, because you can't have a reality show without a little bit of ~drama~, right?

    Leslie was upset because Peter hadn't said anything nice about her body...

    ...but he just wasn't feeling it. Surviving in the treacherous wild was probably the most important thing on his mind.

    Thankfully, after 21 days and many ups and downs, Peter and Leslie could give themselves a pat on the back for making it to the end of their journey.

    And by the end of it all, Dinklage even began to care about his combative wilderness partner.

    Dear Hollywood, please cast these two in a buddy cop comedy. Thanks.