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Seth Rogen Frightened People With Talking Food And It's Everything

Cantaloupe? More like CantaNOPE.

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Seth Rogen's latest film, Sausage Party, opens in theaters this Friday and to celebrate its release, he pranked people with talking foods.

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Rogen used animatronic food items and conspicuously placed them among real food, and the results were pretty spectacular.

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This woman was startled when she saw a cantaloupe communicating with her, and who wouldn't be?!

And these ladies had a priceless reaction to the talking fruit. THOSE PIERCING EYES.

In addition to freaking people out, Rogen made sure to add a little sass to his talking-food persona.

Burned! By a piece of produce.

Sony Pictures Entertainment / Via

The resemblance to KFC's Colonel Sanders is uncanny.

But let's be real, the best moments are seeing people caught off guard by animated edible items.

Too good. 😭😭😭

Check out Sausage Party, which opens in theaters today.

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