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17 Sad Songs Every Middle Schooler Cried To In The Early '00s

The early aughts had a ton of weep-worthy tunes.

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1. "U Got It Bad" — Usher

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Most somber lyric: "If you miss a day without your friend / Your whole life's off track / You know you got it bad when you're stuck in the house / You don't wanna have fun / It's all you think about."


5. "Cry" — Faith Hill

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Most somber lyric: "If your love could be caged, honey, I would hold the key / And conceal it underneath the pile of lies you handed me / And you'd hunt and those lies, they'd be all you'd ever find."

8. "If You're Gone" — Matchbox Twenty

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Most somber lyric: "And I think you're so mean, I think we should try / I think I could need this in my life / And I think I'm scared that I know too much / I can't relate and that's a problem I'm feeling."


15. "I'm With You" — Avril Lavigne

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Most somber lyric: "I'm looking for a place / I'm searching for a face / Is anybody here I know / 'Cause nothing's going right / And everything's a mess / And no one likes to be alone."


Check out the playlist below:

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