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Women Are Hilariously Giving Their Boyfriends Permission To Get A Lap Dance From Rihanna

::Willingly lets Rihanna steal my man::

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Rih, one of the reigning queens of pop music, is also one of those rare celebrities with the power to drive both men and women crazy — in the best way, of course.


A lot of people have been talking about Rihanna's lap dances recently, at least in part because of a video showing Trey Songz and a fan getting very...close on stage.

And as a result, the conversation was flipped, with people asking the question: How would you react if Rihanna gave your man a lap dance?

Over Memorial Day weekend, @_ChickenGeorge, a user on Twitter, tweeted a hilarious image about how he'd behave in front of his girlfriend if Rihanna requested he come on stage.

If Rihanna called me on stage this how Ima look at my girl before I fake jog up there

Others joined in, too. Someone hilariously demonstrated how her man's running form should look as he theoretically makes his way to Rih.

@Namastaywoke @hisfriendmic knees to chest nigga KNEES TO CHEST !!!!🏃🏿🏃🏿🏃🏿🏃🏿

Knees to chest.


This led to a bevy of glorious tweets, where more women began tweeting about their boyfriends/husbands/partners running toward Rihanna on stage for a lap dance if the opportunity ever presented itself.

Rihanna: *points out my man* Him: babe, you sure? Me: GET ON THE FUCKING STAGE!

Because let's be honest: How embarrassed would you be if your man denied Rihanna a dance?

@_Cooliee me when Rihanna takes my man backstage

"I say, 'That's my baby, and I'm proud,'" one user's reaction GIF reflected.

@FastLane_Ls Me when Rihanna calls my man on stage

Another woman implied she'd even be down to record the whole thing as it happens on stage.

How ima be if Rihanna called my man onstage

Others took the joke a bit further...

If Rihanna wants to fuck my man.... He better give her the greatest dick possible. Don't embarrass me!


...but you get the point.

Me hypothetically congratulating my man on cheating on me with Rihanna.

The consensus was clear: Guys wouldn't have to beg their girlfriends to get a dance from the one and only Rihanna, because their girlfriends would be rooting them on.

When Rihanna calls my man up on stage and he looks to me for confirmation that he can go

If you're lucky, though, Rih could bring you both on stage.

Rihanna cannot call my man on stage and I remain in the crowd. Are we not one flesh?

Nothing wrong with wishful thinking.

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