Raven-Symoné Said She Was Hit Twice During An Interview To Make Way For Kendall Jenner

What is the truth, Raven?

1. Last week, Raven-Symoné attended the Zoolander 2 premiere. On The View, Raven recounted the unpleasant experience she had when her red carpet interview was cut short to make way for Kendall Jenner.

2. She re-enacted what happened at the premiere and used co-host Joy Behar as a prop to get her point across.

ABC / Via youtube.com

3. Based on how Raven told the story, it would seem as if a producer aggressively pushed her out of the way so that they could make room for Jenner.

4. She claimed she was hit twice.

ABC / Via youtube.com

5. Unsurprisingly, she wasn’t happy with how things were handled.

ABC / Via youtube.com

6. But is that how it ~really~ went down? Hmm.

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images


7. Later, a clip appeared online with the alleged moment Raven described on The View, and some of the details from her story seem…different.

8. You see someone whose body is out of frame motioning for the interview to be cut short, presumably to hurry and talk to Kendall. But no one appears to push or shove Raven.

YouTube / Via youtube.com

9. Raven leaves and then says, “Oh, that’s OK. Someone’s more important so I’ll let them go ahead.”

10. Finally, you hear someone off camera apologize to Raven, and then another person thanks her for her time.

YouTube / Via youtube.com
  1. So...weigh in below:
    1. Raven totally embellished her story a lot.
    2. Nah, she explained it pretty accurately.

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