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Rachel Green From "Friends" Appeared On "SNL" And It Was Everything

Here's your dose of '90s nostalgia for the day.

As most Friends fanatics have heard, some of the cast will be reuniting for an NBC special on Feb 21. And to the delight of many fans of the show, Vanessa Bayer appeared on this week's Weekend Update as Jennifer Aniston's fictional character.

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Scroll to the 3:20 mark for the beginning of the Rachel Green interview.

The skit was pretty funny and Bayer even rocked Rachel's iconic hairdo for the big moment.

The resemblance is uncanny.

Many questions came up during the segment, like why does Rachel always sound surprised? And without missing a beat Bayer delivered her best Rachel-esque response.

And she absolutely nailed it with her impression of Rachel's mannerisms.

Which is even more impressive when you compare the parody to the real Rachel Green.

And because it's SNL, they still found a way to perfectly call out the beloved '90s show for being overwhelming white.

10s across the board, Bayer.