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Let's Talk About Drogon On This Week's "Game Of Thrones"

Warning: Spoilers!

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...but he regained his composure, steadied himself, and demolished the weapon meant to take him out. A boss move.

And on top of all that, Drogon still found the strength to protect Daenerys as Jaime charged toward her.

"You thought!" —Drogon, probably, definitely

Thankfully, it looks like Drogon will survive, because he is shown in the preview for next week's episode seemingly resting and recovering from the battle.

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Some people have noted that since Qyburn's tool was called "Scorpion," that may mean that its spears were dipped in poison of some sort. Knowing what we known about Qyburn, it definitely seems like something only his wicked mind could imagine, but we'll just have to wait and see.


Naturally, fans had a lot of strong feelings about the fiercest dragon in all of Westeros.

I honestly just laughed at all these men getting burnt alive and then the spear hit the dragon and I was like…

Everyone was emotionally invested.


Who cares about the people on the battlefield? Just make sure the animals are safe, tbh.

Thousands slaughtered, disemboweled, gutted: no reaction. Dragon or dire wolf gets hurt: #GameofThrones

Because nothing else matters.

It was nonstop thrills.

#GameOfThrones when the Dragon shows up

And it was worth every second.

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