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Some Teens Pretended To Be Pregnant Using A Watermelon So They Could Sneak Snacks Into A Theater

Friendship goals.

This is Priscilla Banuelos, 18, a student at Modesto Junior College in California.

Earlier this week, Banuelos, along with her friends Alyssa Lopez, Angie Silveira, and Amador Costa, attended the Galaxy movie theater in Riverbank, California.

It would've just been a normal outing, but the group of friends decided to pull an epic prank. They snuck watermelon into the theater by taping the fruit to themselves and pretending to be pregnant.

@bretmanrock we had too 😩😂🍉

Banuelos's joke, which she says was inspired by one of her favorite makeup artists, Bretman Rock, went insanely viral online after she posted photos on Twitter.

As of now, the tweet has garnered more than 20,000 retweets and nearly 30,000 likes.

Banuelos told BuzzFeed News the friends used saran wrap and duct tape to hold the melons in place. They also hollowed out one of the fruits so that they could place other snacks inside of it and sneak it into the theater undetected.

The group ran into a bit of an issue when it was time to leave the theater. "There weren't any trash cans in the movie theater, and I wasn't about to walk out with a huge watermelon," Banuelos said.

"We did not leave a sticky mess or anything like that," Banuelos told BuzzFeed.

They left the theater without throwing the watermelons away, and another Twitter user replied to Banuelos' original thread, claiming he was one of the theater employees who had to clean the mess up.

But it seems like a lot of people on Twitter really enjoyed the girls' idea.

Some wished they'd thought of the trick too.

The friends are all going their separate ways in the fall, and thought that their watermelon ruse was a great way to celebrate them all being together one last time — with a bang.