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    This Guy Hilariously Obsessing Over Patti Labelle's Pies Is Everything

    "I went to the store after I seen somebody post that Patti Labelle pie..."

    This is James Wright Chanel, and the video he posted yesterday, which features him singing and eating sweet potato pie by Patti Labelle, has gone massively viral.

    Facebook: video.php

    In less than a day, the video has accumulated nearly 5 million views and more than 200,000 shares.

    He starts with a shout-out to Patti Labelle, the queen of old school R&B...

    ...and then reiterates the point of the video.

    The box the pie was sealed in proved difficult to open, and Wright was incredibly hilarious even in that moment of peril.

    Success! The box is opened and the pie looks (and presumably smells) really nice.

    Then Wright cuts a slice and takes a bite. He's left speechless...but just for a moment.

    Hail, Ms. Patti Labelle. Maker of music and incredibly delicious pies.