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Patti Labelle Cursed Out A Fan Who Stripped While She Performed On Stage

"Hold up, hold up. Don't you dare, not on my stage."

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Legendary diva Patti Labelle performed in Vancouver on Friday night and she invited a few fans to come along on stage with her. One particular fan of the singer got a little too excited on stage and began to strip and twirl as she sang.

Bad idea, because Mama Patti was not having it.

She shut down everything. The music got slower, the audience quieted, and Labelle gathered her thoughts.

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Then, Ms. Labelle had to remind the fan that she wasn't one of these newcomers in the music business, and no one was going to be scantily clad on her stage.

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Yaaass, Patti! 👏

After this Patti channels her inner linebacker and nearly bulldozes the fan off stage.

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Watch the full video here:

*Remembers to always stay fully dressed in the presence of Patti*


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