Panic! At The Disco Singing The "Thong Song" Will Give You Endless Joy

    Panic! At the Sisqo!

    Panic! at the Disco appeared on Kimmel for a music series called mash-up Monday. The band teamed up with Sisqo to cover his hit "Thong Song."

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    The performance was straight out of a '90s kid's wildest dreams. The sound of the violin playing will instantly take you back to simpler times.

    Then, to make this already fantastic song even better, Sisqo came out and started singing and dancing like the freaking consummate entertainer that he is.

    Sisqo definitely killed it with the choreography...

    ...just like back in the day.

    The world will forever be blessed to have witnessed Sisqo and Panic! at the Disco duet. 🙌