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A Bolivia Olympian Was Incredibly Emotional While Walking In The Opening Ceremony

It's too much to handle.

During the Olympics, there’s no shortage of incredibly touching moments.

And this year's games were no different: As Olympians from Bolivia walked during the Opening Ceremony, José Quintanilla, a swimmer, burst into tears at the sight of thousands cheering as the players walked out.

He was genuinely overcome with emotion...

...a moment millions will probably see thousands of times as Olympians compete in their respective fields in the coming weeks.

And people at home certainly couldn't handle it.

#Bolivia athlete crying of happiness, my heart! Well done man, you made it! #Rio2016

So, so emotional.

Guy from Bolivia crying, can't blame him! The olympics truly is amazing #OpeningCeremony


Aww, that giant little boy crying, I think in Bolivia's delegation? *cries along* #Rio2016

Bask in this moment José. Take it all in, champ.

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