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    21 Pictures About Work Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

    Workin' the 9 to 5 just to stay alive.

    1. When you loathe your job, it takes a lot to even speak to your co-workers.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @childishbish

    2. And the thought of staying in one place for eight hours at a time is exhausting so it's nice to daydream once in a while.

    Twitter / Fox / Via Twitter: @geechieluchiano

    3. There are times when you attempt to work more hours and earn extra cash, but you bail whenever given the chance.

    Twitter / NBC / Via Twitter: @baachristt

    4. This is one of the best feelings, right?

    John Hughes Entertainment / Via

    5. Most days this is you, probably.

    Twitter / Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @insta_comedy

    6. If your job offered ~special~ libations, it'd be a lot more tolerable.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @daddyissues__

    7. It's hard to grin and bear it when you have an overbearing boss.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @sircamcarter

    8. Friends tell you to look on the bright side...

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @SpeffJ

    9. ...but it's really difficult when your every waking moment is filled with disgust for your place of employment.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @thetumblrposts

    10. Seeing other people get worked up over the job is funny because that never happens to you anymore.

    11. You've changed. You've become a shadow of the human being you once were.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @shannonleelynn

    12. Each day you're the first one out of the office.

    Twitter / Relativity Media / Via Twitter: @relatablequote

    No time for overtime.

    13. Having someone to complain about work with helps, though.

    Inatagram / Lucas Film / Via

    14. You've also given up completely on trying to look happy during the workday.

    15. And it's always perplexing when people ask you this. Isn't it obvious?

    Instagram / New Line Cinema / Via

    16. Even your boss knows to just leave you alone.

    17. Each morning before work, you're consumed with disappointment when you pull up...

    Twitter / CBS / Via Twitter: @cuntrycorner

    18. ...which is also the exact moment this question pops into your head.

    19. You often think about this, as well...

    Instagram / Via

    20. ...but you should feel proud since you manage to give your job your all each day.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @serioustherapy

    21. May we all someday as happy as this mummy whose realized they no longer have to work.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @thekidmero

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