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    Nick Cannon Kind Of Predicted Mariah Carey Would Leave Him For A Billionaire

    Mr. Cannon is clearly clairvoyant.

    Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon were married for 6 years until the two decided to split earlier last year.

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    Today, Mariah is with Australian billionaire James Packer. The two were engaged last week during an intimate dinner with Carey's closest friends.

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    But wait, although Mariah and Nick were happily married at one point in time, is it possible that Nick Cannon maybe predicted that Mariah would wed a billionaire? It certainly looks like it.

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    Almost two and a half years ago, Cannon appeared on The Breakfast Club, a popular hip-hop radio show.

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    Halfway through the interview, the subject changes to infidelity.

    Cannon admits that he'd cheated in past relationships but not with Mariah. Here Cannon discusses people who try to tempt celebrities into cheating on their spouses.

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    But the most surprising part of the interview is when Nick says that Mariah told him that if he were to ever do anything to destroy the marriage, she'd go out and get a billionaire.

    And now we know that Mariah is a woman of her word.

    The Breakfast Club / Via

    Today's lesson: Nick Cannon is a prophet and Mariah Carey reaped the benefits of his eerily accurate vision.

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