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    Posted on Oct 13, 2015

    23 Times North Carolina Had No Damn Chill

    The Tar Heel state is kind of weird sometimes.

    1. OK, lottery tickets are fine, but did you have to go and make them smell like BBQ?

    2. This is crass, but you get points for creativity.

    3. Only in NC will you find a guy named after a brand of beer...

    4. ...or a woman named after a recipe?

    5. Also, hot dogs like this are a thing? North Carolina, no.

    6. When this man loved mayo so much he decided to be encapsulated in a jar for the rest of eternity.

    7. When someone decided this was a cool name for a law establishment.

    8. When this sign pretty much gave up and took on a life of its own.

    9. When someone in NC constructed this pair of legs, which is allegedly an homage to Marilyn Monroe.

    10. When the passengers of this vehicle were super crunk about a baby being on board.

    11. When someone thought to themselves, "Hmm, this is a great idea for a biscuit."

    12. Yummy. Delightful. I'll have two orders!

    13. This seems like a fun even to attend near the Outer Banks.

    14. When North Carolinians lost their minds after a few inches of snow hit the ground, thus causing the internet to turn them into a meme.

    15. When NC decided it would make a place where you could get good food and kinky toys.

    16. When someone decided this was a cool name for a restaurant.

    17. When this man's family made it clear in his obituary who he didn't want you to vote for.

    18. This "yard sale":

    19. When this creepy figure who stands in people's backyards made the evening news in Gastonia, NC.

    20. When someone found a photo of this guy who looks like Nic Cage at a NC barber shop, proving the actor may be a vampire.

    21. When the official state bird sat on this reserved parking sign like an absolute boss.

    22. When this distinction was made between sweet and unsweetened tea.

    23. And finally, when Deez Nuts was a contender in the presidential race.

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