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    Lil Mama Has Managed To Become A Hilarious Meme

    When you post a selfie and people start unfollowing you.

    Four years ago, Lil Mama appeared on Power 105.1's morning radio show The Breakfast Club.

    The Breakfast Club / Via

    During the interview, Lil Mama became emotional while talking about her career (after being badgered with questions by host Charlamagne Tha God).

    And now, years later, Lil Mama's crying face has become a meme.

    1. It's all fun and games until the teacher flips the script on ya.

    When you were laughing and joking all year with the teacher like y'all were friends and they still flunked you.

    2. Sometimes followers are just really shallow.

    When you post a selfie and people start unfollowing you.

    3. And sometimes bae doesn't think you're bae.

    When his boys say "That's you?" and he say "Man chill."

    4. We've all been there.

    When you're 175 weeks deep in someones Instagram and accidentally like the picture.

    5. This is actually infuriating.

    6. Jimmy from Degrassi glo'd up and started actin' funny.

    When Drake runs through the 6 without you.

    7. There's always that one person who has to draw attention to the odor.

    When you're taking a shit in a stall and someone walks in yelling "Daaaamn who taking a shit!!!?"

    8. The worst.

    When y'all been chilling and going out for 3 months and he tweets "I'm tired of being single."

    9. Dating sucks and no one should ever do it.

    When he say he going to bed then you see him tweet "Who trying to chill? 😏"

    10. This pain. This hurt. WHY?!

    When he text you "You left your jacket at my house last night" but you remember you didn't go anywhere last night.

    11. When your parent think it's OK to not prepare you a proper meal.

    When your mom say "It's noodles in there."

    12. Sometimes your friends are you biggest enemies.

    When it's your turn to get roasted and you're laughing on the outside but deep down inside you feel like...

    13. This is unacceptable. Don't waste food!

    When somebody throw a chicken wing away with meat still left on it.

    14. :'(

    When you text him "Hey bae" and he reply "What's up friend"

    15. And this is when it's perfectly acceptable to block your crush on all social media.

    When your crush finally comment on your picture and ask "Who's shorty on the left?" but you on the right.

    16. Signs your "bae" is trash and you should drop him ASAP.

    When you use his phone to call his sister and your phone ring.

    17. When the bouncer is really hard on you.

    When the bouncer says "All bad bitches get in free" but you still gotta pay $10.

    18. Who hasn't experienced this struggle?

    When the pastor say the sermon not going to be long. But 3 hours later he still preaching.

    19. And finally...

    When you hit him with that "goodnight" cause he texting back slow and he reply "night" within 5 secs.

    H/T Lil Mama Crying.