Morgan Freeman Hilariously Narrated Pedestrians Trying To Take Selfies

    "Oh, how he loved that selfie stick."

    Morgan Freeman recently appeared on Kimmel to do what he does best: Enchant people with the sound of his voice.

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    It seems like Morgan Freeman has always done voiceovers in movies, so Jimmy Kimmel thought it would be perfect to ask the veteran actor to narrate the lives of random pedestrians on Hollywood Boulevard.

    Freeman got right to it, and introduced the audience to a man in a checked shirt...

    ...whom we later find out is named — at least according to Freeman's narration — Perfect Selfie Paul.

    And Perfect Selfie Paul is on an adventure to find the perfect selfie.

    It's hilarious because Morgan makes the most mundane activities seem almost thrilling.

    Paul continued his search for the perfect selfie, and he met a friend along the way, Perfect Selfie Sam.

    The tale of these two selfie enthusiasts ended abruptly, though.

    it's a shame that we'll never know if they found the perfect selfie.

    If only we were all so lucky as to have the deep, majestic voice of Morgan Freeman narrating our lives.