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    Posted on Aug 30, 2015

    31 Thoughts You Have When Your Mom Doesn't Answer Your Phone Calls


    1. Hmm, that's weird.

    2. Let me call her again.

    3. OMG, mom, please pick up.

    4. OK, I don't really need anything important.

    5. But still. Parents should answer as soon as you call.

    6. What if I were dying?!

    7. Doesn't she care about my well-being?

    8. No, she doesn't.

    9. If she did, she would've answered before the fifth ring!

    10. OK, am I overreacting?

    11. Nah, I'm not overreacting.

    12. This is just great.

    13. I'm so sad.

    14. I'm single and not even my mother will talk to me?!

    15. Definitely forever alone.

    16. OK, that was a bit extreme but my emotions are valid.

    17. Gosh, I'm a mature twentysomething, when will I ever stop needing my mother?

    18. Will that day ever come?

    19. Probably not.


    21. I bet if one of my siblings called she would definitely answer them.

    22. I knew I was her least favorite.

    23. I'm so over it.

    24. Some people never call their parents and look at me being a decent child.

    25. Ugh, I am so annoyed.

    26. I should just not answer her calls.

    27. I bet she wouldn't like that.

    28. OMG, she's calling!

    29. ~Thinks about saying hello in an annoyed tone.~

    30. ~Reconsiders in case an argument ensues.~

    31. Hmm, I wonder if she'll loan me money for my rent next month.

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