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People Are Incredibly Disappointed That Michael Stuhlbarg Wasn't Nominated For An Oscar

"What does the Academy have against Michael Stuhlbarg?"

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Leading up to the ceremony, Stuhlbarg hadn't been nominated for any other acting awards during the season.

In addition being a supporting player in Call Me by Your Name, Stuhlbarg also appeared in The Shape of Water and The Post.

All three films were nominated for Best Picture, too.

People were hoping Stuhlbarg would be a shoo-in because of his powerfully acted monologue at the end of the film.

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If you haven't seen the film, you should go to your nearest theater and remedy that.


Naturally, people didn't take Stuhlbarg's perceived slight well.

hi good morning i'm here MICHAEL STUHLBARG WAS ROBBED

Moms ranted and urged for more eyes to witness that scene. It "needs to be seen," someone tweeted.

My mom ranting about Michael Stuhlbarg's Oscar snub, "You're happy with a Sufjan nom, but I'll never be happy. That…

Does the Academy have something against Stuhlbarg, another pondered.

what does the academy have against michael stuhlbarg

Folks have taken note of the omission and they're not pleased.

Live footage of the gay community noting the Armie Hammer/Michael Stuhlbarg snubs #OscarNoms


Some pointed out that even a critically panned film like The Boss Baby was recognized for its cinematic merit, but no love for Stuhlbarg.

"Boss Baby" has an Oscar nomination but Michael Stuhlbarg delivering the most heartbreaking monologue of our time d…

He at least deserves a Oscar for appearing in three of the Best Picture–nominated films, right?

The Oscars need an MVP award for people like Michael Stuhlbarg: He gave three amazing performances in three Best Pi…

Not one, not two, but three amazing performances in one year.

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