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These Stories About Mariah Carey's Greatest Hits Are Incredible

Collaborators spoke with Billboard about working on some of the diva's most memorable songs.

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However, before O.D.B graced the track with his now-classic lines — "Yo, New York in the house. Is Brooklyn in the house?" — It was Sean "Diddy" Combs who the studio wanted to be on the track.

But Diddy wasn't up for the collab, according to Corey Rooney, the A&R rep for the song. Per Rooney, Diddy responded, “Absolutely not, she's whack. I'm on a little streak right now.”

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Diddy later said, "I don't need no whack juice on me right now," referring to Carey.


Krayzie said that he and his partner contemplated not going to meet Carey for the studio session, but once they arrived they were "starstruck."

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Mariah even provided the guys with refreshments to help get their creative juices going, like Hennesy.

The guys indulged a bit too much and passed out, but they were back in business once they got up from their nap. Krayzie said, "We just instantly started rapping, went in there and laid it out, and it just came out amazing."

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