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    The Trailer For "Mariah's World" Is Here And It's Already Legendary

    Queen of Reality TV!

    The first trailer for Mariah's World, an 8-episode ~event~ starring the one and only Mariah Carey, just premiered online.

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    The legendary star makes it clear that this series is about letting people get to know the real her.

    That's right — we're getting up close and personal with the ever elusive chanteuse, y'all.

    As expected, there were a TON of diva moments, like this discussion about florescent lighting.

    And, like, same.

    Meanwhile, two of her backup dancers are like, girl bye.

    Other festive nuggets included Mariah practicing slay-worthy choreography that would leave other pop stars shook...

    ...grand entrances into her rehearsal space, complete with a dramatic strut...

    ...and yes, that signature finger point.

    She also managed to highlight the special bond she shares with dedicated fans.

    And even though she says no one really knows her, we're all looking forward to finally getting acquainted with Mariah Carey.

    Mariah's World is set to debut "soon," and we'll be waited with bated breath.