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Mariah Carey Shut A Reporter Down And It Was The Best Thing Ever

Don't come for Mariah unless she sends for you.

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Singer Mariah Carey kicks off her residency in Las Vegas for her show "MARIAH #1 TO INFINITY," which starts on May 6.

This week, the diva started her media rounds and she's been asked a ton of questions — everything from her marriage to comedian Nick Cannon to her latest single, "Infinity."

Which, in all honestly, are fair questions to ask someone.

But when a reporter for the Associated Press asked Mariah if there would be "back up tracks," she was put firmly in her place.

Associated Press / Via

The reporter asked:

As far as vocals, are there going to be any kind of back up tracks? And there was some speculation here in Vegas that's just required because there's so much going on onstage.

Well, Mariah was none too pleased and she responded in the best way:

Associated Press / Via

For context, Mariah has been criticized for her recent live performances.

Here's Mariah's full response:

I mean, I have so many overlapping parts and background vocalists and background things. That there's always some confusion and something about it, but I mean like, if there's any confusion they're welcome to come to my house and sing in the shower with me. It's not a problem.

Watch the full video here:

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Skip to the 45-second mark for the epic shut down!

Shorter Mariah: My vocal abilities are not to be questioned.

Mariah Carey / Via

Good job, Mimi!

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