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    Marcus Schenkenberg Is Still Really Ridiculously Good-Looking

    I hope you brought a fan because it's about to get steamy.

    Remember how incredibly hot the adorably god-like supermodel, Marcus Schenkenberg, from the '90s was?

    Elena Parris / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: elenaparris

    Yes? No? Maybe?

    OK, maybe this Calvin Klein ad will jog your memory.

    Guess what? He's still incredibly attractive, and you'll probably cry because it's like he doesn't age.

    This is a recent picture of Marcus Schenkenberg, gliding on the sand of beach, probably making jellyfish around him squeal with joy.

    This is him in the gym, making the weights around him blush, which is why the picture is in black and white. He didn't want the inanimate objects to feel embarrassed.

    Look at this picture of him tanning a few weeks ago. Like...*insert Pterodactyl scream here*

    Look at him attempting to be Poseidon. I mean, maybe not, but there's a good chance that's what he's up to.

    Even his feet are beautiful.

    Look at these immaculate feet:

    And that scruff! My God.

    Why am I not that cigarette? Why? How can we fix this error?!

    Just please...

    ...take me now.

    Because my body is ready!