Kim Kardashian’s Game Has Stopped Working And Everyone Is Freaking Out

“Where were you when the Kardashian game stopped working?” - something your grandchildren will ask you one day.

2. On Friday evening, Twitter users began having a meltdown because Kim Kardashian’s iPhone and Android game of the same name stopped working. Users were upset and took to the social media site to express their frustrations:

3. The fashion industry is basically in shambles.

4. Some have even resorted to using memes to express their concerns.

5. This may be the cause of the problem, but who knows?

6. Even a Rob Kardashian parody account is stressing out about it.

Yo @KimKardashian! Your game is lagging! I have a fashion show to finish in 10mins and have to get as many stars before it ends! FIX IT!

— Rob Kardashian (@MrRobKardashian)

7. Important photo shoots aren’t happening because of this technical issue.

@KimKardashian I was in the middle of an important photo shoot I KNOW you didn't shut down the game!!!

— ** (@kennndraaaa)

8. Fans of the game are losing it.

@KimKardashian FIX YOUR GAME

— lisa (@harryfedorable)

9. They are REALLY losing it.


— El Beano (@The_RealJHouse)

10. Users have taken to Kim’s Instagram account, telling her to fix the game.

omg the comments on kim kardashian's instagram are next level scary right now

— Calvin (@aurosan)

11. This guy can’t even fulfill his socialite duties.

The Kim Kardashian game for is saying "try again" well fuck you I just want to play and be famous and go on dates and get money

— *.•* olay *.•* (@narrypiizza)

12. This Twitter user is missing out on money because of this.

This Kim Kardashian Hollywood game isn't working during my 24 hour photo shoot. I'm not tryna miss out on money & fans for this..

— Angel Best (@Miss_Soft_Voice)

13. Someone please call 9-1-1. This is an emergency.

911 the kim kardashian game is Not working

— Anna (@anna_johnson1)

14. What’s up with that, Kim? Your fandom is awaiting a fix for this matter of extreme importance.

E! / Via T.Kyle


An earlier post indicated Rob Kardashian tweeted about the Kardashian game being down, however, it was a parody account that issued the tweet.

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