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    This “SNL” Skit Showed How "Game Of Thrones" Fans Really Can't Win

    "Wake me up inside." — Jon Snow, probably

    This past Saturday, SNL debuted a skit that really hit close to home for anyone who's a fan of Game of Thrones: the death/resurrection of Jon Snow.

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    Fans waited for more than a year to find out if Snow would be brought back to the land of the living, and the show-runners definitely took their sweet time bringing him back to life, so SNL poked fun.


    The scene started with Ser Davos and others pondering what to do with the body of the fallen Night's Watch member.

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    Ultimately, they decided to keep his cold dead body on a plank, much like how they did on the show.

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    Because the audience has to see just how dead he actually is!

    He's so dead, y'all. Deceased. Not of this world.

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    Next, Melisandre, the woman who everyone pretty much assumed would be tasked with rebirthing Snow, made an appearance.

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    And of course, Ser Davos asked if she could do a spell or something to get things going.

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    But, alas, that just prompted more waiting.

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    And lots of intense staring, with a touch of dramatic music.

    Later, two onlookers, who seemed to be stand-ins for the audience at home, pleaded for the priestess of R'hllor and Davos to go a bit faster.

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    Because, again, people have waited a year for this moment!

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    Finally, Melisandre did what she does best and Jon Snow rose from the *grave.

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    *sturdy wooden plank.

    But everyone's hopes and dreams were dashed when he immediately wanted to cut to a different, less exciting storyline.

    Game of Thrones fans just can't win.

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