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Jon Snow Is Definitely Dead, According To Maisie Williams

"You know nothing, Maisie Williams." —Ygritte, probably

Maisie Williams rocked the red carpet at this year's Emmy awards and it was no surprise that she was bound to be asked a few questions about the upcoming season of Game of Thrones.

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Of course, the most pressing question Williams was asked was regarding the beloved character Jon Snow, who seemingly met his demise in the Season 5 finale of the show.

To the interviewer's surprise, this was actually the first question Williams was asked about GoT that night.

And then she broke the hearts of fans all across the seven kingdoms by saying, very dismissively, that Jon Snow was no more.

But hol'up, Maisie, let's assess the situation at hand. OK, maybe Jon Snow is dead, but we've definitely seen photos of Kit Harrington on the set of GoT, so he has to be resurrected somehow, right?

There are also theories that he'll warg into Ghost, his dire wolf.

If only George R.R. Martin would just fess up and give us the deets on Snow.

He's gotta be alive, right?!

Maisie did, however, end her interview by giving fans a "teaser" about the forthcoming season. Her character, Arya, may be fighting while blind.

H/T Vulture