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    Jennifer Lopez Was Super Honest About Ben Affleck's Back Tattoo

    Jenny from the block got really real.

    Jennifer Lopez stopped by Andy Cohen's show Watch What Happens Live and played a few rounds of his game called "Plead the Fifth."

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    Cohen wasted no time asking J.Lo the tough questions, like which of her fellow American Idol colleagues she'd marry, shag, or kill.

    And the question proved to be too much for J.Lo to handle.

    Next, Andy asked her a question about her ex-boyfriend Ben Affleck's back tattoo, and she was brutally honest.

    Maybe this is the real reason Bennifer didn't work out. #rip

    Finally, Cohen asked J.Lo why she'd seen a ton of the most popular shows in Vegas, but somehow never found the time to see Mariah Carey's show, insinuating it was because of their alleged feud.

    He also sorta grilled her for texting during Mariah's Billboard performance last year.

    But Lopez says she watched ~most~ of the performance and only looked down at her phone for a short time.

    She also said that she was super busy with other stuff during the time Mariah's residency in Vegas was happening.

    And although she hasn't had a ton of free time, J.Lo says she would want to see Mariah's show at some point.

    Hmm. How does Mariah feel about all of this?