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    Jimmy Fallon Was Shook As Hell After Receiving A Gift From The Joker

    Damn, Jared. Back at it again with the insane gifts.

    The ever talented Jared Leto appeared on The Tonight Show last night to promote his forthcoming film, Suicide Squad, which opens in theaters this Friday.

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    Like any generous guest, Leto came bearing a gift for Jimmy Fallon.

    NBC / Via

    A present that came from the Joker himself.

    NBC / Via

    Fallon was skeptical about the box's contents, because who hasn't heard of all of the creepy things Jared Leto has sent his co-stars on the Joker's behalf?

    NBC / Via

    Not a great track record.

    NBC / Via

    Meanwhile, Leto kept a completely calm demeanor while Fallon tried to open his gift.

    And boy was Fallon's reaction freaking AMAZING once the lid was opened.

    Like, absolute GOLD.

    If we're being real, who *wouldn't* react this way?!

    The look of true fear on Fallon's face = priceless.

    NBC / Via

    Today's lesson: Never accept a gift from Jared Leto, even if it comes in a cute little box.

    NBC / Via

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