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    21 Times Rose From "Titanic" Was A Terrible Human

    "Jack, I'm flying." You're not actually flying, Rose. Relax.

    1. When she said this as she was boarding the boat:

    2. When she saw how large Titanic was and then scoffed at its immense size.

    3. When she decided she needed an entire room for her paintings.

    4. When she found time to be rude to Jack while hanging off of the back of the ship. She was all, "Don't presume to tell me what I will and will not do, you don't know me!"

    5. Also, she risked Jack's safety as well as her own during this moment because she slipped on the railing.

    6. When she was upset about Jack asking her if she loved Cal Hockley. Which, like, he's your fiancé? Why is that a rude question?

    7. When, after mercilessly insulting Jack, she decided to claim ownership of her "side of the ship." She then instructed Jack to leave.

    8. When she failed to spit properly.

    9. When she gossiped about Madeleine, John Jacob Astor's wife, who was in "delicate condition."


    10. When she went to a party and thought the good folks in third class wanted to see her boring ballet skills.

    11. When she wore a long-ass dress while attempting to save Jack's life while he was handcuffed.

    12. When she decided to take a breather on the wall when the lights flickered on and off as the ship began to sink. Meanwhile, Jack was downstairs about to drown.

    13. Once she found an ax to release Jack, she had to close her eyes while using it to set him free. I mean, what if she'd cut his hand off?!

    14. During the scene where Jack is trying to open a gate as the water is quickly filling the ship, she yells, "Hurry, Jack!" as if this will make it easier for him to get them to safety.

    15. When she jumped off the lifeboat because she didn't want to be separated from Jack. You've known him for, like, three days.

    16. When, as the BOAT WAS ABOUT TO PLUMMET TO THE BOTTOM OF THE ATLANTIC, she decided to remind Jack that this was where they first met.

    17. When the final half of the boat was sinking and she asks, "What's happening, Jack?"

    18. When she says, "It's cold" but she has on a jacket AND she's floating on a wooden plank, meaning she isn't even feeling the full wrath of the icy waters.

    19. Speaking of that wooden plank, there was so much space for another person to fit. And if you were worried about it capsizing, why not offer to switch places every few minutes?!

    20. When she lets the rescue team leave before deciding to grab the dead man's whistle so that she can get home safely.

    21. And finally, when she threw the Heart of the Ocean into the water at the end.