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17 Hilarious Images That'll Make You Say, "I Wish A Bitch Would"

Nah, bih.

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1. When you keep a running tally of the people who put fear in your heart.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @aneaa_yoo

2. When someone *thinks* they're gonna come for your best friend, so you gotta make your presence known.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @Beyupdates_

3. When your S.O. forgets you have a sophisticated palate.

Instagram / Via

4. When folks think you and your on-again, off-again boo are over.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @FemaleTexts

5. When people underestimate your petty nature.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @CGBPosts

6. When someone thinks you won't square up.

Instagram / Via

7. When someone talks smack but you *know* they ain't talkin' to you.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @THEREALTYMULA

8. When you gotta show others the importance of a single-file line.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @MikeBeLike

9. When you come into contact with someone who doesn’t like you but they don't even say anything to your face.

OnSizzle / Via

10. When folks get bold but you have tea that could destroy them.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @Dory

11. When people try to ignite your road rage.


12. When someone is coming for you and you let them know that they can catch these hands.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @lordflaconegro

13. When you're simply trying to cross the street and some hurried driver nearly hits you.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @whodurk

14. When anyone disparages Queen Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @infamousRIOT

15. When someone tries to start drama.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @TamaraJanelle

16. When folks get mouthy while you're tryna order some food.

Instagram / Via

17. And finally, when someone tries to tell you *not* to do something.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @Yunghermoso

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