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    Here Are Two Powerful Images Of President Obama In 2008 And 2016

    CHANGE indeed!

    President Barack Obama appears on the latest cover of New York Magazine, overlooking the sprawling courtyard of the White House — a fitting reminder that his time as president is quickly coming to an end with each passing day.

    Dan Winters / Via

    The piece, which you can read here, focuses on a year-by-year account of prominent things that happened during the president's two terms in office.

    Pool / Getty Images

    In reflecting on President Obama's time in office, there were two side-by-side images of him — shot by photographer Dan Winters — that really put into perspective the toll the job of commander-in-chief has had on him.

    Dan Winters / Via

    Naturally, there were online reactions to the president's before and after photos.

    Back in 08, this is what Bloomberg predicted Obama would look like by the end of his first term. So give the guy so…

    The look is not quite how Bloomberg Businessweek predicted he'd age after winning the 2012 election.

    Other jokes of Obama's aging went down the obviously ridiculous route, like this hilarious comparison of the president and Redd Foxx of Sanford and Son.

    Being president really speeds up the aging process. The past 8 years have been pretty rough on Obama.

    And just like that, the images became meme fodder.

    There was even a throwback to the guy who played Satan in The Bible, which aired on the History Channel three years ago. At the time, a lot of people thought he resembled Obama.

    New York Mag before and after of Obama is really stark

    But in the end, most of the responses to the president's dramatically changed look were playfully humorous.

    I will probably end up aging throughout college like Obama did throughout his 2 terms

    It's almost over, Mr. President. It's almost over.


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