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    Jesse Williams And His Wife Are Allegedly Divorcing And People Are Heartbroken

    "How much worse can today get?"

    On Monday, reports emerged that actor Jesse Williams and his wife, Aryn Drake-Lee, had filed for divorce.

    John Shearer / Getty Images

    A source told, which was first to report the divorce, that Williams and Drake-Lee have "been separated for awhile now." Per TMZ's unnamed sources, the alleged split was amicable. The couple have been married for nearly five years and they have two children together.

    It didn't take long for people to share their shock and sadness on Twitter.

    Jason Merritt / Getty Images

    Some were just incredibly surprised.

    STOP THE PRESSES! Jesse Williams and his wife are divorcing?!

    Others used GIFs to express their feelings.

    Jesse Williams is divorcing his wife? ☹️

    Because it just doesn't get worse than this.

    Jesse Williams and his wife are splitting much worse can today get??

    Overall, people were not handing it well.

    Jesse Williams and his wife are divorcing...

    And some chose not to accept it at all.

    Jesse Williams is innocent till proven guilty. No slandering on my TL please


    I refuse to believe Jesse Williams is out here on some fuck boy shit

    BuzzFeed News has reached out to Jesse Williams' publicist for confirmation about the reported divorce.


    This story has been updated to note that was the first to report the divorce.

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