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People Who've Never Read The "Harry Potter" Books Responded Hilariously To Questions About The Series

No, Alohomora doesn't mean "hello" and "goodbye" in Hawaii.

We asked BuzzFeed staffers from around the world a slew of questions about the Harry Potter novels. Thing is, none of them have read the books. Here are their best guesses:

1. Describe what you think Harry Potter is about in one paragraph.

2. Who is this character and how did he get the scar on his forehead?

3. What is the name of this majestic building?

4. What is a Remembrall, exactly?

5. What kind of bird is this and what is its name?

6. What kind of creature is this and what happened to this diary?

"That's a Dobby, but I only know that because a friend dressed up for Halloween like Dobby and I thought they were just a peasant. That diary looks burnt AF."

"That wrinkly baby orphan troll is a doppelgänger of my siblings. He looks like he lives in the dryer and eats your missing undergarments."

"An elf alien. Harry tried to shield his forehead with the diary during the thunder and lightning storm. It didn't work out.

"That's a house-elf. His name is Dobby and he fucking loves socks."

"Fucking Voldemort escaped from the diary, I think? Or part of him? The diary is a Horcrux???"

"It's Smeagol's cousin, preccciousssssss. Smeagol's cousin burned the diary because the nosey dementors threatened to expose him."

"It participated in the Vagina Monologues."

Correct answer: This is Dobby, a house-elf. And the diary was destroyed by a basilisk fang.

7. What is this symbol and what does it represent?

8. What spell would you use to conjure a Patronus?

9. What is this woman's name and how does she make you feel?

10. What's Diagon Alley?

11. Why are Dementors frightening?

12. If someone called you a "Squib," how would you react?

13. What do you think the following spells mean? 1. Alohomora 2. Arania Exumai 3. Avada Kedavra 4. Expelliarmus

14. What's his name?

15. What does the term "Muggle-born" wizard/witch mean?

16. Can you name these four houses?

17. Who are these two and what's their deal?

18. Who's this and what do you think happened to his nose?

19. What's this animal called?

20. Who's this man and how do you feel about him?

21. Any final thoughts? Reasons why you haven't watched the movies or read the books?