Ryan Reynolds Played Sensual Music While His Wife Was In The Delivery Room

    "It was like steak knives came out of her eyes."

    Ryan Reynolds, star of Deadpool, recently chatted it up with Seth Meyers on Late Night and disclosed some hilarious details about what song he played while his wife, Blake Lively, was in labor.

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    Seth wasted no time asking his question.

    And Reynolds responded with an answer that was both unexpected and hilarious.

    As you can imagine, Lively, who had the task of delivering an entire human, wasn't exactly feeling Reynolds' gesture.


    Seth Meyers interjected briefly, saying, "That's not the time for levity."


    But no matter, everything ended up being OK. Ryan just caught his wife at a bad time.

    Remember how the old saying goes? Couples who play baby-making music while in the delivery room stay together.