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    The Premiere Date For "Game Of Thrones" Season 7 Is Finally Here

    It's time to go back to Westeros.

    On Thursday afternoon, the premiere date for Season 7 of Game of Thrones was finally revealed. We can all collectively return to Westeros on July 16, 2017, so you still have enough time binge-watch if you haven't been keeping up.

    After a few unsuccessful livestreams, the date for the new season was unveiled.

    A cool teaser was also added to the end of the stream. It features audio clips from past episodes over footage highlighting various house sigils.

    Last summer, we learned that the new season of the show would not only be delayed but it would also be shorter than what fans are used to. It will be just seven episodes long instead of the usual 10.

    And in case you've forgotten, a ton of stuff happened in Season 6 of GoT. For example, Jon Snow was resurrected.

    Oh yeah, and one of the most popular fan theories about Snow's true parentage was confirmed as canon.

    Cersei Lannister exacted revenge on the High Sparrow, killing him along with Margaery Tyrell and countless others in the sept with wildfire.

    And Ramsay Bolton finally got his just desserts when he was taken out by his own dogs.

    Now the countdown begins to Season 7. Winter is coming later this summer.