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Drake And Josh Reunited On "Grandfathered" And It Was Awesome

Too bad their little sister Megan wasn't there to spoil the fun.

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You probably remember Josh Peck and Drake Bell from the early '00's show, Drake & Josh.

Let the feeling of nostalgia flow through your body.
Vince Bucci / Getty Images

Let the feeling of nostalgia flow through your body.

*Fondly remembers a simpler time*

Frank Micelotta / Getty Images

Well, now these dudes are all grown up, and they look like this:

Araya Diaz / Getty Images
Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Father Time has been very kind to these hunks.

Last night, Peck and Bell appeared on the show Grandfathered, and they found a way to incorporate a bit of Drake & Josh humor into their mini reunion.

Bell's character: You remind me of my stepbrother.

Peck's character: Oh, is he awesome?

Bell's character: No, no, he's in jail for stalking Oprah.

The Oprah reference would stick out to an aficionado of the duo's Nickelodeon show, because she was often mentioned by Josh's character.

Like, a lot.

Like, a lot.

You could say he was, er, infatuated with Queen O.


He loved him some Oprah.


The ~reunion~ was great, guys. Now can we get another including Miranda Cosgrove?


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