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    This Is For Everyone Who Dips Their Fries In Their Wendy's Frosty

    The only food combination that matters, tbh.

    Stop what you're doing right this second and listen. It's time for us to discuss the most important (some might even call it the best) combination of delicious foods to ever exist.

    Today we shall bask in the gloriousness of how well Wendy's fries pair with a good ol' Frosty.

    Don't start drooling...yet.

    It's a known fact that you're in good company if you're among people who love this amazing food hack.

    And if you're not doing it, then what are you living for?

    It's a life-changing experience, so be sure you're completely hands-free once you decide to indulge.

    This is what it looks like IRL. Just imagine the warmth of the fries colliding with the coolness of the Frosty upon your taste buds...

    ...then you've got the salty-and-sweet combo hitting, as well, sending your taste buds into sensory overload (but in a good way)!

    Once you try it, you'll never go back to eating fries the regular way.

    It's the way a Frosty was meant to be consumed.

    So choose your S.O. carefully...

    Seriously, you don't need that kind of negativity in your life. #TeamFriesWithFrosty

    Because you deserve the best things in life, like fries and ice cream.


    Go forth, ladies and gents, and dip until your heart is content.

    And remember: These are the only trustworthy people in the world. 🍟🍦