Diane Keaton Is All Of Us On The Cover Of The Vanity Fair 2016 Hollywood Issue

    All hail Queen Keaton.

    Today Vanity Fair unveiled the cover of its 2016 Hollywood Issue featuring a mix of the biggest actors in the film industry.

    While everyone on the cover looks absolutely stunning, there was one person who shined brighter than all of the rest.

    Well, if you look closely, you'll see freaking Diane Keaton casually slaying without wearing a gown.

    Her whole ~lewk~ is on point.

    And, without missing a beat, the internet was quick to applaud Keaton's style.

    tfw ur fro-yo outfit makes the cover of vanity fair (h/t @tayman1022)

    She's ICONIC, tbh.

    Diane can bend the rules because she's cool like that.

    When you're Diane Keaton and you decide the coven's dress code doesn't apply to you

    I guess you could say that Diane Keaton is sort of a jack of all trades.

    Nothing to be sorry about, Diane. Keep being you, you absolute stunner.

    Check out more on the issue here.

    BuzzFeed has reached out to Diane's representation for comment on her perfection.